Why get a transmission specialist to diagnose my car?

How much will it cost to fix my transmission? How long will it take? Usually these are the first two questions I get regardless of how big or small the job is.  The answer really depends on getting some important information first.  The kind of information that a transmission repair specialist would need to know and can best evaluate. It’s not the type of thing that you can mechanics can just shoot an answer to you over the phone.  Todays cars are more complex then ever!  Transmissions contain 2-3 times as many parts as they used to carry and have electronics to monitor just about everything.  Sometime a repair to your transmission can involve not even taking it out of your car, but simply plugging it into our computer system.  Once in a while we will even see transmission related issues that arise due to some related system component, and nothing is actually wrong with the transmission!

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