Transmission Servicing

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Transmission Maintenance and flushing

Transmission Servicing is available for all makes and models.  SCA Transmission offers regular servicing for your vehicles scheduled maintenance at the manufacturer intervals or as needed for those who do heavy driving.  Servicing your transmission is crucial to prevent a costly repair bill down the road.  This is commonly overlooked since maybe people know it needs less attention then other regular maintenance for a car or truck.  Manufacturers like to say that new transmissions might be built to require little servicing, but from the repair side of my industry I can tell you I have seen no evolution.  The fluids that are in your transmission that are the lifeblood of helping distribute heat and helping your transmission work properly have remain unchanged for years.

Simply put it’s those fluids that need attention and driving stress, heat, and accelerating hard all make this fluid degrade over time.  Like the oil in your vehicle, when the fuild breaks down it begins to loose it’s ability to perform and parts wear much faster. Servicing your transmission at SCA Transmission by the trusted professionals in San Diego allows you to have peace of mind.

Compare SCA Transmissions service to other shops and see the difference!  

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