Transmission Repair

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SCA transmission repair shop san diego

SCA trans has been a trusted source for transmission repair San Diego for over 20 years.    Even automotive repair shops have been taking their transmission repair work to us.  The reason is because you transmission is one of the most complicated parts of your car or truck that has to operate under some very tough conditions.  We are the transmission repair specialists that are trusted not only by other mechanics but our customers love us too.

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We have grown over the years and have moved to a better location to serve you at 3320 Kurtz st in San Diego.  Todays transmissions are exceedingly complicated and require someone with the kind of

transmissions repair shopexperience to understand all the in’s and out’s.  We have been in business for over 20 years and stand behind our work.  Our customers know that we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service as well.  So they have the peace of mind knowing they have the best warranty in the industry in addition to the outstanding care we put into every job.

Schedule your transmission checkup today!  In many cases we are able to simply offer you a transmission repair that only replaces the broken or badly worn parts of the transmission.  In other cases we might have to do a transmission rebuild which you can read more about as well.

What you won’t see is us having to buy you a new transmission, which you typically only have to do when you don’t know how to fix one (cough cough dealers).  Kidding aside, the dealership might be able to offer many outstanding services, but fixing a transmission is not one of them.  This is because the time and experience needed fix a transmission, that a specialty shop like SCA has, is considered too high. So it’s easier to stick to the model they currently have which is to buy a new transmission and just put it in.   Over 95% of the time though this route is going to cost you MORE money, not LESS and is simply not needed to remedy the problem.

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for making SCA San Diegos trusted transmission repair shop!