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Where is the best place to fix my transmission?

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Where should I take my car to get the transmission fixed?  For some this might seem like a very silly question but it is a good one that I get every week.  The primary reason that this comes up is because there is a misconception that the car dealership is the best place to take your vehicle for something as major as your transmission.  In reality it’s the furthest thing from the truth!  This usually gets me a strange look from people because they are the dealer. Shouldn’t they know the car better then anyone else? Transmission repairs or rebuilds can best be done by specialized shops like SCA Transmission repair because we have trained technicians that do nothing but work on transmissions. The majority of dealerships don’t have this and it’s because most of the time the manufacturer didn’t make your vehicles transmission.  Like many of the components in your vehicle, they are simply purchased from a third party vendor that has invested research and development into producing a specialized product.  The auto manufacturers find it is better to simply buy tires, batteries, and yes your transmission.  It makes sense since your transmission is one of the most complicated parts of your vehicle that has to endure very high levels of stress. It takes a team of engineers to design them and it’s usually something a manufacturer would just buy from a reputable company.




Why get a transmission specialist to diagnose my car?

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How much will it cost to fix my transmission? How long will it take? Usually these are the first two questions I get regardless of how big or small the job is.  The answer really depends on getting some important information first.  The kind of information that a transmission repair specialist would need to know and can best evaluate. It’s not the type of thing that you can mechanics can just shoot an answer to you over the phone.  Todays cars are more complex then ever!  Transmissions contain 2-3 times as many parts as they used to carry and have electronics to monitor just about everything.  Sometime a repair to your transmission can involve not even taking it out of your car, but simply plugging it into our computer system.  Once in a while we will even see transmission related issues that arise due to some related system component, and nothing is actually wrong with the transmission!

Transmission repair “Fix it or Trade it?”

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Should you “Fix it or Trade it?”  When your car or truck needs transmission or engine repairs done sometimes you really need to consider all your options.  That really means considering youralternative financial choices to ensure you making the best decision! Kevan at SCA Transmission in San Diego is always happy to help.  Do you need a rebuilt transmission, new transmission, just use the “Fix it or Trade it?” Calculator.

This question comes up very often, and is one that i see typically for higher mileage cars.  When you have a problem and your vehicle a bit older you have to really have a good understanding of costs before you can decide wether to repair the problem or consider getting another vehicle.